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Measurement of Temperature-, Concentration- and Spectroscopic Profiles in Reactors


Application Example: Species and temperature profiles measured through a fixed bed reactor for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene on a MoOx/Al2O3 catalyst at 1 bar reactor pressure. The gradual reduction of MoO3 with decreasing oxygen partial pressure was followed by Raman spectroscopy.

For details see: Geske, M.; Korup, O.; Horn, R. Catal. Sci. Technol. 3 (2013) 169-175.


Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy in Reactors

Application Example: Spatially resolved Raman-spectroscopy on an alumina foam coated with Pt nanoparticles after use in a reactor for methane catalytic partial oxidation to synthesis gas. The Raman spectra show the D and G bands of sp2 hybridized carbon formed on the Pt-particles leading to catalyst deactivation.

For details see: Korup, O.; Goldsmith, C. F.; Weinberg, G.; Geske, M.; Kandemir, T.; Schlögl, R.; Horn, R. J. Catal. 297 (2013) 1-16.

Application Example: Spatial profile reactor study on gas phase methane oxidation under methane rich conditions. Formaldehyde, a low concentration intermediate species formed along the oxidation pathway of methane to carbon monoxide  was measured by spatially resolved fiber-based LIF spectroscopy.

For details see: Schwarz, H.; Geske, M.; Goldsmith, C. F.; Schlögl, R.; Horn, R. Combust. Flame 161 (2014) 1688-1700.  


Measurement of Intrinsic Catalyst Kinetics

Application Example: Threefold parallel isothermal kinetic test reactor with sand bath heating, feed gas supply and gas chromatographic product analysis.


Investigation and Optimization of Transport Processes

Application Example: Determination of the effective axial thermal conductivity of packed beds of spheres and hollow cylinders from highly resolved axial temperature profile measurements.

For details see: Sosna, B.; Dong, Y.; Chromow, L.; Korup, O.; Horn, R. Chem. Ing. Tech. 88 (2016) 1676-1683.

Application Example: Simulation of flow trajectories through an open-cell foam used as catalyst support in high temperature, high flow rate applications. The cylinder in the middle represents the sampling capillary that is used for spatial profile measurements.


Reactor Modeling

Application Example: Particle resolved CFD simulation of the velocity and temperature field inside a wall heated catalytic fixed bed reactor with catalyst particles shaped as hollow cylinders.

For details see: Dong, Y.; Sosna, B.; Korup, O.; Rosowski, F.; Horn, R. Chem. Eng. J. 317 (2017) 204-214.

Technical Consulting


Application Example: Calculation of concentration profiles of n-butane (C4H10) and maleic anhydride (C4H2O3) in cylindrical pellets of a vanadyl pyrophosphate catalyst to determine the optimum macro-porosity of the pellet for maximum maleic anhydride production.

For details see:

Dong, Y.; Keil, F. J.; Korup, O.; Rosowski, F.; Horn, R.; Chem. Eng. Sci. 142 (2016) 299-399.

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